Richman House invest Club – Our Mission

We’ve previously introduced the Richman House Invest Club, and yet, we have never quite established the RHI Mission. What is it here for?

The Dubai investment market is one of the most attractive and booming in the world, and only continues to grow. Dubai’s GDP stood at 307.5 billion AED during the first nine months of 2022! This is exactly why we look to have more and more classic enterprises, as well as IT & Crypto startups, make the most of it on the Dubai scene.

At RHI, we are focused on companies that are already established, have something to offer, and yet are on the lookout for additional investment with the goal of further developing their presence on the scene.

The RHI Club is also well known for organizing multiple networking and investment events at its headquarters – the Richman House Business Center.

You can find out more about RHI via: