Meeting RHI Club

Those of you in attendance of the Invest Pavilion Dubai event last week know what a special evening it was for us at the Richman House.

We had the honour to present the RHI Club (Richman House Invest Club) – our very own creation which unites investors and classic business projects, for the very first time! Yes, we decided it was time to take our networking skills and make them official – a real established entity!

As event sponsors, we were glorified to see so many projects pitch their cause throughout the evening. We think we’ve heard it all – from companies representing FinTech in nutrition, to ecological farming modules & revolutionary loans and mortgages in the UAE. Mind you, all of these – established businesses, not green startups. Talk about impressive!

The evening was one with a magical atmosphere, and we thank all attendees! Those of you, who missed out – swipe through the photos & check out the reviews of our guests! #OurMotivation

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