RHI Club x IO Group Partnership

The Richman House Invest Club is happy to share its partnership with no other than Konstantin Harbuz – Dubai’s very well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur.

Together, we are working on developing the RHI investment club both in the UAE and on an international level – a creation that unites investors, VCs and established businessmen under one roof of potential opportunity.

We are holding large-scale events of 200+ attendees, sharing insights, bringing together startups and businesses, joining investment pools, and overall contributing to Dubai’s vibrant business scene.

About Konstantin Harbuz:

  • Founder & CEO IO Management Group Dubai
  • UAE Co-founder Food Product Distribution
  • Founder & CEO UAE's first microcredit platform – Salam Dirham
  • VIP Consulting
  • Founder Roasters Specialty Coffee House
  • Co-Founder Smart Oasis vertical farms, solar & water panel cleaning
  • 10 years in Dubai