Richman House x Le Mas Gastronomique — Catering as the Heart of Events

What makes an event perfect? Is it the right setting? The atmosphere, the technology, the music? Sure, all that counts! But the joke “Now what you are actually here for: the food & the refreshments” exists for a reason!

We at the Richman House know that catering matters, which is why we have our very own luxury catering company — Le Mas Gastronomique, ready to accommodate the most exquisite tastes of wining and dining for each and every one of you!

Whether you are looking for a friendly meetup or a large-scale business event — we are there for you at any location, from homes to yachts and private jets — all ready to deliver the most exceptional haute-cuisine experience! From lunches to coffee breaks, snacks and exclusive dinners — you name it, we got it!

Ready for a taste of luxury? Reach out to us!