Why Business Bay?

Location plays a key role for business: Richman House considers Business Bay to be the best option for settlement, as it is the most prestigious and convenient area in Dubai for companies wishing to relocate to the Middle East. It is the largest business center in Dubai and is part of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's concept of developing a global commercial center in the UAE. 

The most popular attractions such as Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Souq Al Bahar are located within a short drive from Business Bay. There are many lively places, prestigious restaurants, cafes, trendy bars, five-star hotels, as well as places for recreation and parks within easy reach. Business Bay provides access to major highways and access to key points in the city.

The Opus by Omniyat, the most striking architectural masterpiece, is located in Business Bay. This is the latest unique work of the famous architect Zaha Hadid. There are Richman House ultra-modern offices and the event hall, as well as various places for a comfortable life and leisure activities, such as residential apartments, a hotel, a swimming pool, a gym, spas and other amenities for our guests. 

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