MarTech.Gulf’22 Forum at the Richman House

We at the Richman House are happy to host the MarTech.Gulf’22 forum, conducted in cooperation of Connect+ and Spectrum350, as well as the support of E-Promo Group.

It is the first international event devoted to cross-industry MarTech use cases that brings together 20+ vendors, consultants, agencies, venture funds, technology incubators and clients from some of the world’s largest companies — all to discuss the hottest industry trends and to conduct a whole lot of business networking!

On the Agenda:

  • Tools to increase advertising effectiveness
  • Data: collecting, drawing the right conclusions & forecasting
  • Transforming experience into customer loyalty & monetizing it
  • Technical solutions to automating & supporting the sales process
  • Managing company resources & building employee loyalty

Date: December 20

Time: 09:00 - 21:30

Location: Richman House Business Center Co. The Opus by Omniyat, Tower A, 2nd floor, Business Bay, Dubai

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