Richman House x VSL Event Solution

We’re glad to announce our official partnership with VSL Event Solution, a full-service event management company operating in the UAE, Indonesia, China, Italy and more.

It is known for organising car racing events, fashion shows, luxury after parties, crypto conferences, as well as company birthdays. Along with Richman House, the company partners with well-known companies like Crocus Group, Tele2, RSS, AFI Development, MTV and others.

Catering to the related market niche, we have decided to team up instead of competing to make higher quality solutions and services available to traditional business companies in general and RHI Club members in particular. With this new partnership, our common goal is to share opportunities, together thrive, and provide our customers with significantly more value.

Make sure to visit their website, or send us a message to find out how we might be able to assist your company.

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