Story of Richman House

Wondering how the Richman House Business Center came to be? Who better to ask, than our founder — Vazgen Yeghiazaryan! Read his full interview.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of creating the Richman House Business Center?
A. I came to Dubai for 3 days in 2020 — just to explore the city, see what it’s all about, and uncover the business opportunities it has to offer. Dubai has always been home to events, conferences and exhibitions, a place where people from all over the world could meet and build business connections. I myself have encountered amazing people, which brought the idea of a business center for networking into my mind — all with the goal to give businesses the chance to expand on the local and international arena.

Q. What’s the idea of the project?
A. Richman House is a comfortable business space, where each person can enjoy the ambience and encounter unique individuals. We offer companies the chance to establish their homes in our premium-class work offices, take part in VIP events organized by the networking center of Richman House, as well as to organize their own business events in our atmospheric, beautiful and unique event hall. Our halls come equipped with business, networking, image and relaxation functions.

Richman House is an all-in-one, ready-to-go business hub with a polished interior, which has everything you need included. This allows for an easy and quick move-in, so you can get straight down to work – a factor extremely important for our modern and fast-paced lifestyles. From holding meetings to chilling by playing pool, enjoying a cup of coffee or organizing catering of the highest class for every event – we got you covered. Catering is provided for by our very own company — Le Mas Gastronomique, who also arrange haute-cuisine deliveries to villas, yachts, private jets, you name It! You basically get all the possible high-quality services in one, and Dubai really is a place where quality matters.

Q. What does the name “Richman House” mean for you?
A. It’s a perfect reflection of the company concept. It is a house of successful people, where everyone can find connections and tools to expand their business projects.

Q. How are you developing the project? What is its main goal?
A. Richman House is an investment group, which consists of local and international business representatives. The strategy of developing our company includes an investment portfolio, consisting of various projects in the spheres of IT, crypto and classic business.

Q. Why a crypto business center? Is it only for those in the crypto industry?
A. We help build collaboration between classic businesses and the crypto world — our team has more than enough experience to do so. If the business wants to tokenize its assets or to get in touch with the fast-developing crypto community — we are the people to go to. At the same time, renters from one sphere attract other industry representatives, forming a cluster of sorts. This is why the placement of companies from neighbouring industries — lets say Fintech and Blockchain, is a better strategy. It fits the renters, as people do not compete, but rather bond and form partnerships.

Q. How do you see the promotion of this project?
A. We strive to see the Richman House host more events and conferences — thanks to this our residents will get more opportunities to build business connections and form partnerships. Since in Dubai, face-to-face communication is of the utmost value, as opposed to commercial offers and tenders, the Richman House can become the #1 platform for building franchising in Dubai.

Q. How does the Richman House differ from other business centres?
A. Friendly atmosphere, openness to all things new, readiness for growth and development, as well as the ability to build new partnerships and receive a large variety of services for business expansion in an all-in-one format.