Where to Discover Contemporary Art

If you are a person of culture and art, then your activity will become an outlet for many connoisseurs in Dubai. Richman House will help with both the provision of space for the exhibition and assistance of experts. 

Meet our resident: Valeria Solovets, the owner of the P.ART.E gallery, who creates a unique atmosphere at Richman House with the help of art. 

Together we are building a “bridge” between art and commerce, allowing local and international artists and sculptors to interact with visitors at the Richman House Business Center. Thus, artists can find buyers for their art work exhibited in our space. The Richman House hosts an exhibition of collections of famous artists from neighboring countries who have won international exhibitions. But more on that later. 

The main factors to make a choice in favor of Richman House:

  • Large area for any event (616 sq.m.), including exhibitions,
  • Transport accessibility,
  • Attractive conditions for doing business.

Richman House is the first business center for international networking in Dubai, where entrepreneurs find like-minded people and business partners, and can also receive investments from participating funds.