San Francisco VC Company Mindrock Capital hosted an event at Richman House

Dear friends! 

On May 26, the best representatives of the venture capital industry, who are striving for change and bringing biotechnology in the UAE to a new level of development and profitability, hosted an event at the Richman House Business Center. The conference was organized by California-based venture fund Mindrock Capital, which invests in fintech, blockchain, AI, aerospace and other industries (SpaceX, Kraken, Discord and others). Mindrock Capital partners have over $1 billion under management (AUM). 

Over 200 people attended the event. The speakers were Managing Partner of Mindrock Capital Grigorii Trubkin, Managing Director of Dubai Science Park (DSP) Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, award-winning Oxford neuroscientist and co-founder of two AR medical and metaverse companies Dr. Stephen Hicks, as well as other representatives, investors and leaders of companies in the field of science, AI, Big Data, biotechnology and security.

Grigorii Trubkin, Mindrock Capital

The event covered three main topics: 

  • Why investing in biotech startups is becoming a trend; 
  • Can Dubai become the capital for next-gen healthtech startups;  
  • The Interface Fund: Merging physics and biology.

Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Dubai Science Park (DSP)

The leaders of the venture industry discussed the problems and prospects for the development of various niches in the field of biotechnology and identified new trends in which the industry will develop in the coming years.

Strategies for investing in startups in the current realities were presented, as well as details of working in the venture capital market based on personal practical experience were disclosed.

Dr. Stephen Hicks

Biomedicine is the key direction in biotechnology. Investing in biotech startups will help develop the best technologies that can solve the global problems of humanity.

These include the development of universal vaccines that protect the body from most viruses and completely prevent pandemics, gene editing, the development of brain-computer interfaces that can be used to connect the human brain to a computer system, drugs that stop inflammatory processes in the body, as well as the creation of genetically engineered, cellular and immunobiological technologies based on artificial intelligence, which help significantly simplify human life and make it more complete.

Investment portfolios created in times of upheavals and global crises show the highest returns. The mission of Richman House is to provide an opportunity for the best technological projects to find support on our platform in the current conditions, while for investors to conclude profitable agreements, as well as find and evaluate companies for promising investments that can change the world.

CEO&Founder of Richman House Vazgen Yeghiazarian with Mindrock Capital guests

Invited speakers and participants:

• Bilal Ahmed Mir, founder and CEO, Carter Capital
• Grigorii Trubkin, Managing Partner of Mindrock Capital
• Ilman Shazhaev, Founder of Farcana - Al and Science
• Adam Liusie, Venture Capitalist at NeoVision Ventures
• Patrick J. Moloney, founder & CEO, P4ML
• Dr. Dimitrie Mihaylov, CSO Faracana, PhD. in Big data and Al, Associate professor, author of more than 100 publications and 5 books
• Sandjar Muminov, TOP 5 IP Specialist & Founder, International Expert in IP-protection, investments and Ip-management
• Pavel Ezekiev, NO Ventures backs founders active in NewSpace, biotech, security and N=O Gravity ONLINE
• Abraham Wes, Managing Partner at Elekrön Ventures & Investor of Small Pharma
• Moderated by: Karnika E. Yashwant, Co-founder of Forward Protocol, and founder of Utopian Capital and KEY Difference Media
• Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, managing director of Dubai Science Park (DSP), a community dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in the science, energy, and environmental
• Julia Prakapovich, Managing Partner of Mindrock capital
• Dr. Stephen Hicks, Award-winning Oxford neuroscientist and co-founder of two AR medical and metaverse companies
• Arun Sridhar, "Established scientist, thought leader & entrepreneur in Bioelectronic medicines and MedTech" 

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