Richman House Events & AVSFX

If we at Richman House know anything, then it’s a professional and exciting event for your business! But did you know that in order to create that special experience for you, we’ve got a whole team of experts and a bunch of different collaborations in place?

Our Audio Visual Special Effects are one of the very memorable aspects of our events, and we owe them to no other than one of our residents – Pixel Media – a leading international LED Screen manufacturing company based in China with over 10 years of experience all over the globe!

In our partnership, we offer our clients lighting, audio and video equipment, creating that element of fascination, surprise and awe, which really gives your audience something to talk about, transforming any presentation, meeting or session into an art piece! Yes, it’s the little things that count!

You can find out more about Richman House AVSFX services for your next event by reaching out to us via DM or Whatsapp via +971 528 574 890