Richman House Community Zone

Hard work sure is important, but sometimes you just need to chill & unwind. Feel like enjoying a cup of coffee in the company of like-minded people? Need to get out of the office to brainstorm? In the mood for a team building Playstation FIFA match? Richman House got you covered!

We know first-hand how overwhelming a business environment can be, and how vital it is to slow down from time to time. Our community zone allows you to revive yourself and gain strength for new challenges, as well as offers awesome opportunities for your team to get to know each other better, increase motivation & strengthen the spirit!

At the Richman House Community Zone you get to:

  • Kick Back & Relax
  • Train Employees
  • Play Pool & PlayStation
  • Conduct Team Building

Best part? We can be there for you to help you create your own team building program. From program development to zone design & staff – just leave it to us!

Ready to enter the Richman House community? Book a workspace today!