Special Zone for
Community and Recreation
Cozy relaxation zone for people united by common values
Touch of leisure in the community area
Solve problems positively
The modern office works at a dynamic and busy pace. The huge amount of daily information that businessmen process brings tension and stress. We care not only about your productivity, but also about your rest. In the community zone, you can relieve stress and gain strength for FACING new challenges
Train employees
The equipped area in the free part of the workspace with high sound insulation is perfect for training new employees and improving the skills of the company’s staff. To improve productivity during the educational process, our specialists will help organize coffee breaks
Play billiards and PlayStation
We filled the space with the favorite entertainment of employees in the office – a billiard table and a game console – and installed a large plasma screen for watching movies and listening to soft music
Сonduct team building
Team building is a popular corporate event aimed at uniting the company's team. The organization of team building will strengthen the corporate spirit and develop teamwork skills, identify shortcomings with the team and increase motivation for employees
Always a winning solution for the community
Our team will adapt the space to your needs and help develop a team building program
Program development
We will develop the program of the event and agree on the date of the event
Zone design
We will set up the equipment, order accessories, and serve coffee
Selection of contractors
If necessary, we will provide staff, find a photographer and supervise their work
How to join the Richman House community
We form a community of like-minded people from various branches of the international business. Everyone can book a workspace at the Richman House Business Center, conduct trainings and brainstorms in the community zone, and build a strong community
Richman House Business Center Co.
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Richman House Business Center Co.
Tower A, The Opus by Omniyat,
Business Bay, Dubai,
Community Zone
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